Learning is Easier When it's Fun

Educational Ideas and Resources

The lessons of life can be cruel at times, yet those are often the ones that stay with people the longest. Modern educators would rather avoid cruelty. Their work is about helping students to learn and retain knowledge they can apply throughout their lifetimes.

There are many ways to do this that have been discovered over the years. Demonstrations are often popular with students, and they can have a lasting effect. Some educators prefer to have students taken an active role, and others use assemblies to teach their students in an environment outside the classroom.

Demonstrating science

There are many different ways to demonstrate ideas when it comes to learning. The subject of science seems to have the biggest interest for many students, so it is a popular way to teach. Building experiments can be as easy as putting water and a bit of cooking oil into a bowl.

The teacher can then put a drop of dish soap into the bowl. It is a good lesson to teach students how soap and oil repel each other. It is a lesson that may stay with a student far longer than reading about it in a textbook.

Class participation

Doing something other than listening to a lecture or reading often appeals to students of all ages. When they are involved in the lessons, it may have a greater impact.

Teachers able to set up a hoist in their classroom can have students lifting weights in a matter of minutes. Giving them this opportunity is an excellent way of teaching the value of using pulleys to lift weights. It may seem like class participation is a waste of time, yet these lessons may be valid and useful throughout a student’s lifetime.

Outside of class

When it comes to finding ways to have a greater impact, taking students outside of class might be a good way to educate them. Gathered in a large group at primary assemblies, the students may be more likely to remember and talk about the subjects discussed during the day.

This impact is one reason Primary Works has a wide range of primary teaching resources. Educators can select what they want and download it for immediate use. Students get the benefit of being in a different environment, and the lessons they learn can stay with them due to that factor. It may be one of the best resources available in modern education.

School and the classroom may not be a place students have fun, yet giving them lessons other than lectures or books to read can help them be engaged. Demonstrations take them away from the theoretical aspect of a subject. They may be able to see, hear, and even touch a particular demonstration to help them remember it.

Getting them involved with a project is one more good way to help them retain information for the future. Taking students out of the classroom to experience learning in a large group is just one more resource where educators can have a positive impact. Students may remember simply because they were able to sit with a friend during an assembly, and remembering the lesson is the point.